General Information

Tour/Height: 467 Meters

Time: A Whole Day. Middle-hard.

Road-Length: 5.5 Kilometers.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt pavement. Macadam pavement. Always cliffy. Can be used by an Electronical Wheelchair. You can go back with the Bus.

Toilet: You can find a huge public toilet at the Lagoon, at the Café Purberg at the Lake and Basilica Mariatrost. Unfortunately not at the “Häuserl im Wald”



Getting There

Road description: We get to the Hilmlagoon with the Tram-Line 1 or we park on one of the Parking areas.

We walk past the Lagoon and pass the climbing park (The Forest-teaching-Path starts here!) and we branch off on the right side at the big meadow to get to the “Leechforest”. From here the Way leads us through the “Rosegger-Hikingpath” which begins a bit cliffy and leads You through the shaded woodland and go up to “Hilmwarte”. From the “Hilmwarte” the Path gets more even. Further it goes with low Gradients on the wide “Rosegger-Hikingpath”. On our way we can find the Inn “Häuserl im Wald” which offers us a huge choice of good dishes. The guest garden (Outdoor) is accessible; the Inside area isn’t.

Further we go on the “Rosegger-Hikingpath”. Over and over again we get a great view at the surroundings, from Mariatrost to the Basilica. Here You can turn around and walk back again – but we keep going. Shortly before we reach Mariatrost we get to a Road-fork. We take the way on the left side and then soon reach the Basilica Mariatrost – it is worth visting!

And then we go down the “Kirchbergstreet” which is very cliffy and take the way on the left to the Tram-Line-Stop Number 1. From here we drive back to our starting point at the Hilmlagoon.


From Hilmlagoon to Mariatrost


A Hiking Path for which You will need a Whole Day and which can be used with an Electronical Wheelchair.


From Hilmlagoon to Mariatrost

8010 Graz



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