General Information

Tour/Height: 684 Meters

Time: A whole day. Easy.

Road-Length: 5 Kilometers or Variable at will.

Consistence of the Road: Macadam pavement, Meadow. Can be used by Electronical Wheelchairs.

Toilet: You can find a Toilet at the Inn Pronitsch, but it is not accessible! And you can find one at the Remschniggalphut – but it also is not accessible!



Getting There

Road description: From Leutschach we drive with the Car and pass the “Schlossbergwarte” at the Monitkogel. We drive to the Inn Pronitsch and park there.
From here we follow the extraordinary panorama Way on the open “Höhenweg”. When we were there the last time it was Winter and so we have been walking through Snow – this was a special experience!

During the Summertime we walk through Meadows and pass different Fruits. And because this Region is known for there Pasture surfaces, we can also see Pasture cattle. At the “Remschnigalphut” we make a rest (during the Summertime) and can enjoy amazing Farm Products and enjoy a beautiful View over South- and Weststyria and Slovenia as well.

Now we keep going further on this Path in the direction of the border to Rebernigkogel. We turn around and go to the Inn Pronitsch. Of course a picnic can be included in your Hiking plan – You have to bring the food on Your own.

There are enough possibilities to make a stop.


Leutschach/Remschnigg Alp

A Path for which You will need a Whole Day. But the Hiking path can be used even by Electronical-Wheelchair-Users.


Leutschach/Remschnigg Alp




Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper