Holidays on Wheels

We represent accessible Holiday and Leisure Activity offers. That is how we support People with a disability so that they can also find their perfect accessible Holiday and Leisure Activity.

The Idea

"Holidays on Wheels" should be THE Source for the perfect, unforgettable Holiday in Austria for People with a disbaility. "Holidays on Wheels" is representing everything you need for Your accessible holiday:

  • Accessible Accomodation
  • Accessible Leisure Activities - Sports, Free-time, Art & Culture, Wellness and Sightseeing
  • Accessible Gastronomy
  • Accessible Information for the Arrival and Tips

"Holidays on Wheels" is only representing offers which have been tested by People with a disability.

The Onlineplatform is working with a multidimensional Searching-tool and is supporting People with a disbality so that they can find their perfect Holiday in Austria - even though they are having special needs.
The User has the possibility to search in different categories. He or She can look up Accomodation offers in an specific Area, and is also getting information about the Leisure Activities he/she can find in this Area. He or She can also look up specific Leisure Activities just like: Sports, Free-Time, Sightseeing, Art & Culture, Wellness and Gastronomy. That is also how you can find everything what is near to Your Hotel.

But you can not only look up different things on our platform and Ask us questions about specific offers - you can also write an Assessment or a Recommendation about the accessibility. A special feature of our Platform is the Community-element, which makes it possible for handicapped people to communicate with each other and find others who are planning an accessible holiday - that is also how they can spend their Holidays together if they want to do so.



Accessibility Helper