General Information

Tour/Height: 414 Meters

Time: Half a Day. Middle-hard. You will need help in the Museum.

Road-Length: 2 Kilometers.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt pavement. Macadam pavement.

Toilet: You can find a big Toilet at the Outdoor area of the Museum.

TIPP: Once each Year the “Altweibersommer-Fest” takes place in the Park-area. For this the population of the Village puts on very old clothes – we have been impressed!



Getting There

Road-description: We park on one of the public parking pays in the village and go to the local centre. Here we can see on the right side the Sign “Museum Sensenwerk”. Also here it is advisable to call before going there. On the side of the House You can find a big door where You can enter with a wheelchair. You still have to overcome some small steps.

With the guidance which is about one hour long they show us how with big Whatherweels the heavy smith’s hammers and machines have been pursued and how they formed the glowing iron with vague hammer-beating. The stories of the Water-power and the great stories about the life in the past centuries provide us impressive pictures from the past. With the Restoration and “Revitalisierung” of the “Sensenhammer” by the “Kulturverein Sensenwerk Deutschfeistritz” an industrial monument has been made. After the guidance You can go for a walk in the Park or in the local centre.


Deutschfeistritz/Museum Sensenwerk

You can visit the Museum Sensenwerk with some helping hands.


Deutschfeistritz/Museum Sensenwerk




Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper