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Aussichtsturm Pyramidenkogel   

Keutschach am See, Kärnten

Pyramidenkogel – der weltweit höchste Holzaussichtsturm mit dem schönsten Panorama Kärntens

Adventurepath Mariatrost/Basilica Mariatrost   

Visiting the Basilica Mariatrost.

Preunegg Ursprungalp/Heidi Alp   


The Ursprungalp is also called „Heidi Alp“ because of the Movie “Heidi” which was filmed back in 1988 exactly on this Alp! Some presentation boards remind You of this. On the Loop Road we can find great Stories about the Alp.

Maria Lankowitz/Old Alphouse   

This Hiking Path is nothing for Beginners and You will need One Day for sure but it is worth it.

Kalser Tauernhouse   

Kals am Großglockner, Osttirol

A hiking path for which you will need a Whole Day.

St. Barbara/Hundertwasserkirche Bärnbach und Lipizzanergestüt Piber   

This is a Hiking Path for which You can take one Day time. And You can also visit Two more Sightseeing-Tips.

Talschluss Innergschlöss   

Matrei in Osttirol, Osttirol

This is a hiking path where you can decide which Way you will take.

Thal/Thalerlake Looproad   

Thal, Steiermark

A hiking trail which is accessible even for Electronical Wheelchair-Users.

St.Ilgen/Panoramapath at Bodenbauer and Hochschwabmuseum   

A Hiking Path for which You will need Half a Day and You can enjoy an panoramic View.


Preitenegg, Kärnten

This Hiking path is made out of Macadam pavement, is a bit bumpy but short, can be used also with an Electronical Wheelchair.
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