Looking for Testers with a Disability


We decided to  quailfy our listed offers differently than other platforms do it. As we experienced that companies are a little bit scared of getting in contact with disabled people. And they are also not sure if their hotel, restaurant, leisure activity and much more is really accessible. We have worked on a concept which is a win-win for all kinds of disabilities.

You as a wheelchair-user or any other kind of disability can go on vacation with a companion. You test everything: hotels, restaurants, leisure activities and even public barrier-free toilets or cabs and other public transportation.

This is free for You and your companion if you fill in a test-sheet and make a short report with pictures. Afterwards we decide if the company is barrier-free and if we will list it on "Holidays on Wheels".

The advantage for the company is, that they are certified by people who really need barrier-freedom. "Holidays on Wheels" does not want to talk bad about companies which are not barrier-free. We will give feedback to the companies - does not matter if they are barrier-free or not. If they are not we will explain them what they could/should rebuild to be barrier-free. If a company is barrier-free we will list it on "Holidays on Wheels" and tell You if they are accessible for wheelchairs, accessible for walking frames, barrier-free for people with a visual impairment or a hearing impairment.

What You need to be a tester:

  • You are disabled, are using a wheelchair, a walking frame or a walking stick
  • You can drive a car or your companion can do so
  • You can talk german or english fluently
  • You know how to handle a measuring tape
  • You do have a digital camera or a smartphone with a camera (so that you can take pictures for the final report)
  • You do have a computer, laptop or tablet to send us the test-sheet and your report including the pictures

If You still have any questions we would love to answer them via Mail info@holidaysonwheels.at or You can call us (0043) 664/163 61 01.


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