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You can be dependent of an Wheelchair from one day to another...

For People with a disability looking for the perfect accessible Vacation can be quite hard.

"Holidays on Wheels" supports People with a disability when it comes to the Vacation Search (Link??). On our Platform people can look for accessible and controlled Offers - they can look for them by specific Criteria. We represent everything you need - from Accomodation to Gastronomy, Leisure Activities and even Tips.


  • For 10% of our Population Accessibility is indispensible
  • For 30% Accessibility is necessary
  • The Target Group has a potential - only in Europe - of 5,25 Billion Accomodations per year
  • People with a disability go on a journey for 16 Days and on average 2 Times per year
  • 48% would like to go on Vacation more often if there would be more accessible offers
  • 37% already have - at least once - not booked an Holiday because they could not find accessible offers
  • 94% like to spend their Holidays with Leisure Activities, Sports, Sightseeing, Wellness and things like that
  • 100% would be interested in a Platform like ours to find an accessible Holiday easier.


To make Austria more interesting for People with a disability it is our goal to represent as much accessible Offers as possible - and as soon as possible; in each category.

If You have an Accessible:

  • Accomodation
  • Leisure Activity
  • Art & Culture
  • Sightseeing
  • Event
  • Wellness-Offer
  • Gastronomy-Offer
  • Shop

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