General Information

Tour/Height: 1548 Meters

Time: A Whole Day. Easy. You will need help.

Road-Length: 2 Kilometers.

Consistence of the Road: Macadam pavement. Boardwalk.


More Information:

Hotel Teichwirt                (0043)03179/7169             



Getting There

Road description: We drive through Fladnitz onto the Teichalp which is 10 Kilometers away. From the first big Parking bay we go in the direction of High moor and Loop-Hiking-Path. On wide Wooden footbridges we hike through the unique scenery of the High moor. As we had a magnifying glass-mug the Children could check the water which appears next to the Path. Here the “Research-Suitcase” is used again!

With a small Book we can find the names of the Animals. Numerous Presentation Boards (unfortunately with Staircases) tell us a lot about the unique “flora and fauna” of High moor. A huge Platform (unfortunately with Staircases) invites for staying and relaxing.

At the end of our Loop-Road we cross a Wooden bridge over the Mixnitzbrook. We leave the High moor and then already see the gigantic Wooden Ox. Who is quite hungry here already can have a snack at one of the many free surfaces. If nobody needs a Break You can go further to the Lake and the Hotel Teichwirt. Here You can eat excellently and they do have Accessible Rooms here!



A Hiking path for which You will need a Whole Day and with a little help You can enjoy the Nature.





Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper