General Information

Tour/Height: 1163 Meters

Time: A whole day. Easy and Hard.

Road-Length: About 12 Kilometers. To get to the Schwarzenlake & the Schwarzenlakealp you need 1 Hour. To get to the Putzentalalp you need 2 Hours.

Consistence of the Road: Forest road, Macadam pavement, Meadow-way, Wood-way. With an Electronical Wheelchair you get to the Schwarzenlakealp.

Toilet: You can find toilets in the huts but they are not accessible!

TIP: You can get great Food in all the huts, on the Breitlahnalp you can get fresh trouts, on the Putzentalalp Steirerkasnocken



Getting There

Road description to Schwarzenlake and Schwarzenlakealp: It is a nice hiking adventure Nature Park Sölktal along the Schwarzenriver. We drive from the Ennstal federl Highway B146 to "Stein an der Enns" up to Kleinsölk-Hinterwald. With the Forest Road where you have to pay charge (8 euros per car) you reach the Breitlahnalp. Here we park and start our hiking tour along the Forest Road next to the Schwarzlake and imposing wooded cliffs of the "Schladminger Tauern".

Along the hiking path we see a lot of smaller and bigger waterfalls. The way is slightly rising and once we have to cross a cow's barrier. When you are driving around with an Electronical Wheelchair we recommend using a rope to raise the front wheels. On the whole way we see a lot of cows. After about 1 Hour we reach the Schwarzenlakealp where we can get tasty and warm dishes to strengthen our bodies. We go 2 Minutes further and reach and idyllic sea shore for which you should pack your Swim Suits. On the sea shore you can also see old and gigantic Sycamore Trees. We go further to the Nort Shore of the lake and cross Boardwalks to reach a really impressive Waterfall. You can walk around the lake, but the Way is not Accessible for the Wheelchair.
Now we can go back to the Breitlahnalp.


Road description to Putzentalalp: We took this Way even with the Wheelchair already twice and it always payed off. There are so many animals (Petting Zoo, Cats, Pot-bellieg Pig, Goats, Chickens, Bunnies and much more). From now on it gets really cliffy - especially the last 10 Minutes are raising extremely. We need our rope and two people to push the Wheelchair. If we cross the Boardwalk we can already see the Putzentalalp and get a fresh drink.


Kleinsölk / Schwarzenlake & Putzentalalp


A hiking path for which You will need a whole day and a bit of it is accessible also for Electronical Wheelchair-Users.


Kleinsölk / Schwarzenlake & Putzentalalp

8961 Schwarzensee-Alm

  03685 20903


Accessibility & Report

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