General Information

Tour/Height: 1650 Meters

Time: A whole day. Middle-hard. 4 Hours. You will need Help!

Road-Length: 2.6 Kilometers.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt pavement, Forest road, Macadam pavement, Boardwalk. Can be used with an Electronical Wheelchair – at least when You have some help.

TIP: Please take a look at the beautiful Woods! You can get to the Plateau with an Excursion Train (we could get in there even with the Wheelchair!)



Getting There

Road description: We go from Tauplitz over the Alpenstreet where You have to pay a Road Charge (9.50 euro / car, there is only a group reduction) up to the highest Seaplateau of Europe. We have divided the 6-Sea-Hiking into two days because the Paths are very wide and – nevertheless – we wanted to enjoy the breathtaking scenery with the constant view at the Dachsteinglacier.

From the Parking space we start on the Forest road and go on the left up to the “Hollhaus” in the direction to Krallerlake. From here we have an amazing View to the Dachsteinglacier. From now on it goes down and is a bit cliffy. At the Fork it starts to go up again and it is also cliffy. We then reach the beautiful Krallerlake and take a walk around it. There are many places where You can relax – do not forget Your Swimming clothes.

We take the Path on the left side to go back – in the direction of the Hotel Hirzegger. First downhill and then uphill to the Großlake.

There are enough possibilities to make a stop.


Tauplitzalp/ 3 Lakehiking Krallerlake/ Großlake/ Märchenlake

A Hiking path for which You will need a Whole Day and pass Three wonderful Lakes and enjoy the View.


Tauplitzalp/ 3 Lakehiking Krallerlake/ Großlake/ Märchenlake




Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper