General Information

Tour/Height: 793 Meters.

Time: A Whole Day. Easy.

Category: You do need Help sometimes. Can be used with an Electronical Wheelchair. Accessible for People with a Visual Impairment.

Road-Length: 4 Kilometres or longer.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt pavement, Forest road.

Toilet: There is a huge Toilet at the lake. You can find an Accessible and barrier-free Toilet at the “Kirchenwirt” in the centre of the Village.

TIP: Close to Bruck an der Mur You can find the “Naturschutzzentrum Weitental” – it is worth visting. In the JUFA You can find Accessible rooms: Stadtwaldstraße 1, Phone: (0043) 57083-370



Getting There

Road-description: Embedded in the Valley-end of the “Hochschwabmassives” of the Tragösser Valley, where the “Laming” flows into the Mürz – at Bruck an der Mur.
The Valley is surrounded by the Mountains “Trechtling, Predlitz and Meßnerin” – this is really impressive.
We walk from the Parking space we walk through the Forest on a really nice Way. You can also find some narrower and slightly rising ways in there. Here the Children can play, do research and explore the Wood. Whoever loves Mushrooms and Berries can find them here. Shortly before we get to the Lake we reach the Inn “Zum Grünen See” where we can get culinary dishes before or after our Hike. (They also plan to build an Accessible toilet). As soon as we reach the Green Lake the Water invites us to stay. We walk around the Lake on wide and also some narrower Forest roads. People with a lot of courage can swim in the very cold water.

The last piece of the Way is cliffy and You need help from 2 (two) People here. But You can also take the same way back if this is too hard for You. There is an Accessible Toilet in the centre of the Village.


Tragöss/Grüner (Green) Lake

A Hiking Path for which You will need a Whole Day. You can also use it with an Electronical Wheelchair and even with a Visual Impairment.


Tragöss/Grüner (Green) Lake



Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper