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It is hard to plan an Accessible Holiday? The App from “Holidays on Wheels” makes it Easier for You to find the perfect Accessible Accomodation. In addition to that You can also look for Accessible Leisure Activities, Gastronomy and Toilets which are close to You – You can find them easy with only one Click on our Map.

Everybody – does not matter if Wheelchair-Users, Walking-Frame Users or People with a Visual- or Hearing Impairment – needs this App on their Phone. Even Families with Baby Buggies can check – with the App from “Holidays on Wheels” if there is an Elevator so that they do not have to overcome Stairs.

The portal uses a multi-dimensional search engine. The User has the ability to look across multiple categories. He wants to find an Accommodation in a Region and gets also the Information, what he can do in the region, where you can go for a coffee - , where are Restaurants or where are Leisure Offers - for example. One can also filter by criteria such as Sport, Leisure, Sightseeing, Culture, Wellness, Gastronomy, etc.

Every Offer is approved by a Wheelchair-User or any other kind of Specialist – this makes the Informationplatform “Holidays on Wheels” unique.

The Offers are categorised into:
- Wheelchair-Accessible
- Accessible for Walking-Frames
- Accessible for Baby Buggies
- Accessible for People with an Visual Impairment or
- An Hearing Impairment

You only need on Click to reach out to all the Accessible Offers in Your Holiday-Area. And as soon as You have found Your Accessible Accomodation You can look for Leisure Activities. In addition to that You do not have to call the Offers since we have already checked them.

What the App from “Holidays on Wheels” is offering You:
Accessible Offers from 27 different Austrian-Areas and they get more Offers continuously.

We are happy if You give us a “Feedback” and wish You a wonderfull Vacation. We hope that We could help You and that it is easier for You now to find Accessible Offers in Austria.




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The “Holidays on Wheels” Team


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