General Information

Tour/Height: 320 Meters

Time: Half a Day. Easy to Middle-hard.

Road-Length: 2 Kilometers.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt pavement. Macadam pavement. Flat. A bit cliffy and in front of the Basilica it gets very cliffy! Can be used with an Electronical Wheelchair.

Toilet: You can find an accessible Toilet in the Basilica.



Getting There

Road description: The adventurepath along the Mariatroster stream is the first Stream-teaching-Path and was established back in 1999 by the association “For Nature”. The path starts at the Tram line 1 – St. Johann in the district Mariatrost and runs along the “Erich Edegger”-Way up to the Tram-Stop “Teichhof”. The 2 Kilometer-long Stream-teaching-Path can be passed on an Asphalt way along the Tram-way and it has an experience for all of our senses because of numerous stations. Back in Autumn 2014 we had to discover that the stations are not looking good anymore, but it is still worth to take the Path. The way is a great destination during hot Summerdays because the Path mostly lies in the shade of the Trees and the Stream delivers a refreshing coolness. We stay at the small accesses for some time so that the kids can play at the Stream.

At the end of the Path we can take to cliffy road to the Basilica. Of course we take our rope for some help and two people helping at the front part of the Wheelchair.



Adventurepath Mariatrost/Basilica Mariatrost

Visiting the Basilica Mariatrost.


Adventurepath Mariatrost/Basilica Mariatrost




Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper