General Information

Tour/Height: 320 Meters

Time: A half Day. Easy.

Road-Length: 1 Kilometer

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt, Macadam pavement, flat, it is getting a bit cliffy in the woods! You can use the whole way with an Electronical Wheelchair.

Toilet: There is a toilet at the Lagoon and You can find an Accessible Toilet at Café Purberg next to the Lake.



Getting There

Road description: We get to the Hilmlagoon with the Tram Number 1 or we park on one of the parking spaces. For an Afternoon-walk the Asphalt pavement is probably the best Way around the Lagoon. As soon as you enter the Way you find a public Toilet. From this point we can also see the Lagoon and the Climbing Garden which is a highlight for the children and also some adults. We take the way which is easily going up by a small forest and then walk the half of the Way around the Lagoon. In between are some ways which lead You through the Leechwood and most of them can be used with some help! Before you get to the big meadow there is a big and wide Way which leads you into the Lechwood and we take this 2.3 Kilometers long Teaching path. On blackboards You can find the types of Trees which are growing here.

Pictures of Plants and Animals, overview-boards about Birds, about other animals and also vermins – Information Boards about the right behaviour in the Wood makes this Teaching path special. The way is getting cliffy here but with help you can do it. We go back to the big Meadow. The Kids can play here and the Adults can relax in the Wooden Hammocks. There is another Playground next to the Meadow but the Kids did not like this one.

We keep going the Way and get to the Café Purberg. Some of us sat down in the garden of the Café, others have rented a boat.

During the Wintertime the Hilmlagoon is used as an Iceskating-area. You can also go up on the Ice with the Wheelchair and we had a lot of fun.




An easy and also short Hiking path, which can be used even with an Electronical Wheelchair.



8010 Graz



Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper