General Information

Tour/Height: 588 Meters

Time: A whole day. Hard – really cliffy.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt Street.

Toilet: You can find an Accessible Toilet at the till.

TIP: When you drive some Kilometers you reach Mariazell and their church of pilgramge. It pays to visit it! The village is accessible and you find a lot of accessible Toilets. Close to the village is the Erlauflake. You can walk around it without any barriers.


From the first of April to the first of November from 10 o'clock until 6 o'clock in the evening.

April: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday and school-free Days
July, August: Tuesday to Sunday
September, October: Saturday, Sunday, Holiday

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Getting There

Road description: We drive from Mariazell or Mürzzuschlag into the direction from Kernhof and park directly counterpart from the White Zoo. On the mountainside which is on the opposite side we can already see the entrance and the cliffy Asphalt Ways. Some of the Animal Species you get to see in this Zoo are threatened extremely by the extinction. They find protection in the Zoo and also reproduce successfully.

The whole way is very cliffy and so we really needed a second person to help us - and also a rope!
The whole Day (from 11 o'clock to 16.45 o'clock) Guides and Shows take place. We got a lot of information there and have been hooked. You can also ask questions during these Guides and Shows.


Kernhof / White Zoo


Visting the White Zoo.


Kernhof / White Zoo

Kamelplatz 1
3195 Kernhof

  0664/11 11 012


Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper