General Information

Tour/Height: 1.600 Meters

Time: A whole day. Middlehard to Hard – You will need 4 helping hands.

Road-Length: 3 Kilometers

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt, Macadam pavement, flat, Raising ways through the woods! You can get to the Hiasl Zirbenhut with an Electronical Wheelchair!

Toilet: In the Zirbelhut is a huge toilet and in the JUFA you can find an accessible toilet (just ask there if you can use it!)

TIP: JUFA Nockberge Almerlebnis, Zirbenweg 8, Tel.: 05/70 83-450. You can find accessible rooms here, a great lunch-buffet, and an accessible toilet. The Tavern Hiasl Zirbenhütte is accessible, has a huge toilet, a nice playground and a great view to the Nockberge.



Getting There

Road description: We drive from Reichenau to Sirnitz and further up to the situated 1.600 Meter plateau / Ski - and travelling area "Hochrindl". There we park on the parking space. From here we start to walk the Asphalt Way to the JUFA (a guest house). There are also a lot of Summits to reach from the plateau - this is something for Summiteers.

As soon as we reach the JUFA we take the Forest road on the left side which takes us into the woods to the "Zirbenzapfi"-way. The Way has this name because it is surrounded by Zirben-trees. On this Way the "Zirbenzapfi" has some riddles for kids and it also explains a lot about the Wood and the Trees. There is a wooden ball which lets the children roll by pipes and from a viewing-platform we can take a look into the country. On the Hochrindl "Kegel" which is 1.745 Meters high we can have a snack and the children can play and also look for Mushrooms.

We then take the Forest road on the left side, then the Meadow way, until we reach a fence where the way branches off to the left. We do not take this way because it is too cliffy. After some time we reach a Resting Place where also some Animals are hidden in the Wood!

We keep going and then reach the original Forest Road for which we have gone up. As soon as we reach the JUFA we stay on the left side and go by the smaller guest houses of the JUFA so that we reach the Hiasl Zirbenhut. On the way to this hut we find gigantic carvings on the left side - these stimulated the imaginations of the children so that on the rest of the way spine-chillers accompanied us.

As soon as we can see the Hut the fun starts for the Children. There is a gigantic adventure playground for all of them.
The adults can strengthen themselves at the Hiasl Zirbenhütte with a strong Snack. Afterwards we take the Forest road back to the big parking space.

Who did not get enough can spend the night in the JUFA guest house - it is Accessible. We also stayed there. They have 2 Accessible Rooms in their smaller guesthouses. From there you get a wonderfull view to the "Nocken".
There are for sure two or more targets which you can reach on this plateau - also with a Wheelchair.




A hiking path for which You will need a whole day and where also your kids can experience something.



9571 Hochrindl



Accessibility & Report

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