General Information

Tour/Height: 478 Meters

Time: Half a Day. Easy. You will need Help at two Risings.

Road-Length: 13 Kilometers.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt pavement, Macadam pavement, Meadow. Some Risings.

TIP: At the Inn Thalersee You can get amazing food.



Getting There

Road-Description: Here we can take the Bus number 48 from the Bus-stop Gösting up to the (GVB) Stop Thalerlake. Or we take our Car and park it at the Parking Space directly at Thalersee. We take the Hiking Path “Weg B”, blue, 13 Kilometers. This is a Distance only for Perseverings! We see the Playground at the Sea shore – the Kids can play there. With the Wheelchair we can drive down a Ramp on the right side. After the Children have played and maybe also fed the Ducks, we take the Way on the right side to the West shore of the Thalersee, we pass the Boat hire and take the Way branching off shortly after it – so we get to the street on the right side. We cross the street and see the sign “Arnold Schwarzenegger-Wanderweg”. Then we take the Asphalt road which leads us up to a fork.

On the left side we see the Birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is a Museum and every Fan has to see it. And on the right side you can see the Castle Unterthal which is a private property. We take the way on the right side and walk downhill on a Macadam pavement and at the Fork we go up on the left side to the “Kirchberg” – this Way is very cliffy. Here we can see the Parish church St. Jakob which has been decorated by Professor Ernst Fuchs! You can get in this Church even with the Wheelchair and it is a true experience for the Kids! After that we walk further down the Street to “Unterthal” and follow the signs which lead us to the Court Ponstingl (you can get agricultural products here) – and then we walk through the Stocker Wood.
We keep walking for some Kilometres along the street – or we take the Meadow-way on the left side – pass the agricultural technical School “Grottenhof Hardt” in the direction of the Sport-park and Leisure-Park. We take the Way on the left side because it branches off, and pass the little Lake and Lagoon, pass the Sports- and Leisure park and get to a Street at the end of the Way, we cross it. Walking through a small Forest we reach the Thalerlake again. Walking along the East Sore we reach our Starting point. During the Summertime it is beautiful at the Inn directly next to the lake – here you can also find the amazing Playground for the Kids.

Thal/Arnold Schwarzenegger Hiking Path

A Hiking Path for which You will need Half a Day – and it is also an easy one.


Thal/Arnold Schwarzenegger Hiking Path




Accessibility & Report

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