General Information

Tour/Height: 320 Meters

Time: Half a Day. Easy.

Road-Length: 2 Kilometers.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt pavement, Macadam pavement, flat. Can be used with an Electronical Wheelchair.

Toilet: You can find an Accessible Toilet at the Entrance of the Tillhouse.



Getting There

Road description: We can drive with the Tram Number 1 up to Bad Eggenberg and then we walk about 100 Meters along the Castle-wall to the Main entrance. After we pay at the Tillhouse (Adults 2 Euros, Children from 6 years 2 Euros, Disabled people get a reduced price), we branch off immediately on the left Way.

As soon as we reach the Castle it is worth to make a Guidance! Please announce that You are coming with Kids so that they can make a special Guidance. You can not take part of the Guidance when You are in a Wheelchair.
We then pass the Castle and go up to the Rosegarden (this Way can be very cliffy for an Electronical Wheelchair). We turn around and go back again in the direction of the Pond to feed the ducks.

Afterwards we follow the scent of the English-Scenery-Park with amazing Roses. There is the possibility to explore a Planet or a Garden, to visit a Museum or play on a Playground.
We pass the Playground to make a rest at the Pavillon and drink Coffee, have Cake and Icecream. Before we leave we still feed the Peacocks and Squirrels.


Castle Eggenberg

A Hiking path which is quite flat and can be used also with an Electronical Wheelchair. It invites You to make a short and beautiful Hike.


Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper