General Information

Tour/Height: 426 Meters

Time: Half a day or a Whole Day. Easy to Medium-heavy.

Road-Length: About 4.5 Kilometers or even 5 Kilometers.

Consistence of the Road: Asphalt pavement. You can use the Way with an Electronical Wheelchair.

Toilet: There is an Accessible Toilet next to the Church.



Six Guides for Visitors from the Stud

At 10 O’clock, 11 O’clock, 1 O’clock, 2 O’clock, 3 O’clock and 4 O’clock You can take part at a One-Hour-Guide through the Stud. Not everything is accessible but You should still see it when you are already there.


More Information                       Tel.: 03144/3323-100



Getting There

Road description: We drive to Bärnbach and take the parking area which You can find soon after the Traffic Circle on the left side. We walk over the street to the Church which was formed by “Friedensreich Hundertwasser”. There the beautifull and life-affirming Church is waiting for us. On uneven Ways we walk through 12 Gates of big Religions and Cultures. We go up the Herb and when You get there after the beginning of May You can experience the wonderfull garden with all its senses. There are Excursions which can be done with kids too if You announce this at the Reservation. This time we went into the Church on our own. Isabella was inspired by all the colours.

Afterwards we went to the Ice-Salon CORSE – Hauptplatz / Main Square 6, and ate some delightful Ice-Cream.

Then we go on the left side in the direction of the Church again and follow the Footpath along “Piberstrasse” to the Stud Piber (Bundesgestüt Piber). You can also go there by car and park on one of the Parking areas of the Stud.

Already after 1 Kilometer we can see the beautifull “Lipizzanerstud”. There are Summer and Winter Excursions and special Experience-Days for Kids. And of course there is a Playground and much more for the Children. If there is a Guidance planned it may be better to get to the Stud by car. The Guides to start in the Stud Piber and from the lower Parking area the Way is really rising. However we have made it with our Rope – Nothing is impossible!


St. Barbara/Hundertwasserkirche Bärnbach und Lipizzanergestüt Piber

This is a Hiking Path for which You can take one Day time. And You can also visit Two more Sightseeing-Tips.


St. Barbara/Hundertwasserkirche Bärnbach und Lipizzanergestüt Piber




Accessibility & Report

Accessibility Helper